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Nissan R33 Skyline 5MT Complete Manual Conversion Set HR33 GTS Set

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OEM factory complete 5 speed manual conversion set as removed from a R33 chassis Nissan Skyline GTS Sedan with RB20E engine.

Includes all parts required as listed below;
- Complete small gearbox (RB71C #1) with short shifter, clutch fork, throwout bearing, crossmember
- Factory manual series 1 dash gauge cluster
- 6 bolt flywheel and used clutch with all bolts
- Complete brake and clutch pedal assemblies
- Clutch master cylinder
- Complete clutch hard & soft lines & clutch slave cylinder
- Backing or sandwich plate
- Speedo drive unit
- Tunnel rubber floor boots
- Factory manual drive shaft (NON ABS type so if installing in a ABS vehicle use your factory rear half)
- Interior shifter surrounding trim & aftermarket boot + gear knob
- Manual alternator & starter motor wiring loom for reverse light wiring (suits vehicles with battery in the boot)
- Misc bolts and hardware required for conversion

Please NOTE: as this was removed from an RB20E vehicle the drive shaft has the smaller universal joint bolt PCD size, if needing to change to a different length rear half of drive shaft to suit coupe or ABS on input shaft type rear differential vehicle you will need the smaller sized rear half of drive shaft for it to work.

If using on a Series 2 vehicle let us know as we can check into price and availability of a series 2 shifter surround as well as the speedo sensor needs to be changed to S2 type for the speedometer to work correctly as well, we will usually be able to quote the difference in both of these parts.

Condition: Nice shifting gearbox with no bearing noises or crunching gears, this gearbox was tested by us on our rolling road dyno prior to being removed from a crash damaged vehicle, 307,000km on the odometer, hard to say if its the original box or not as there are some areas where it has been sealed up again. Gauge cluster did show an intermittent fault with the speedometer part so its best to use the front section of cluster swapped onto your existing cluster to delete the shifter tree.

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