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JDM Honda Access CD CE Accord Front & Rear Parking Sensor Set 94-97

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  • Part Number 08F13-SV4-0000-21

OEM Honda Access factory optional front and rear parking sensor set with switch and wiring looms, as removed from a CD chassis Honda Accord, years 1994 - 1997.

These use:
- sensor part number 08V66-SP1-0M0-03 & 08V66-SP1-060-B3
- control unit part number 08V67-SL4-0M1-01 and 08V66-SP1-0M0-01

This set comprises of two looms, one for the front and one for the rear of the vehicle. This set suits someone with knowledge of wiring, relays and how to troubleshoot & solve problems.
- The front loom set has an interior and exterior harness. The interior loom plugs into the option ports in the interior fuse box & the switch mounts in an available switch blank. There are two wires which will need to be extended from the interior loom to the exterior loom (yellow wires in brown plugs), these wires are built into Japanese market vehicle but will need to be run on any other market vehicle as far as we are aware.

- The front exterior loom has piggy back plugs which connect to the brake master cylinder fluid switch, this is so the front sensors will only function when the switch is on and the parking or e brake is released. There is another wiring plug in the engine bay which this loom connects to with piggy back plugs. There is a relay box to control the parts which usually mounts behind the bumper, the bumper will need to have holes cut or drilled to mount the sensors.

- The rear loom set mounts in the boot or trunk of the vehicle, it has piggy back plugs which connect to one tail light plug on the vehicle, this is to give the unit a reverse signal so the sensors only function when the vehicle is in reverse. There is a relay box and small speaker which mount up under the parcel shelf. The bumper will need to have holes cut or drilled to mount the sensors.

Condition: Good used condition as pictured, this set was bench tested and all functions are working well. There are some surrounds missing, cracks, scratches and marks to the parking sensors as can be seen in photos 9-12.

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