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Honda RD1 CR-V Blacktop B20B Rebuilt Engine & 5MT Gearbox Conversion Package

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Blacktop B20B engine and manual 4WD gearbox conversion package, as removed from a 1998 year RD1 chassis Honda CR-V.

Engine conversion package is supplied complete as pictured with;

  • Alternator
  • Power steering pump
  • Starter motor
  • Factory manual engine wiring harness or loom
  • Factory manual ECU (37820-P3F-003)
  • Engine mounts & brackets
  • Stock headers
  • Clutch, flywheel, clutch slave cylinder & clutch fork
  • Shifter box and cables
  • Half shaft or dummy shaft
  • Front axles complete
  • 5 speed 4WD gearbox

Engine was, stripped down, cleaned, reassembled with new parts where required as listed below;
Standard size rod and main bearings + thrust washers
Standard sized piston rings
Full engine gasket & seal kit
Timing belt, water pump, tensioner
Distributor cap, rotor, leads spark plugs
Thermostat, radiator hoses
There will be more new parts which I have missed but anything that was needed at the time was replaced.

Excellent runner with no problems or issues as compression numbers shown in photo 19 and video below detail. This engine and gearbox package was road tested to get some heat and load into it prior to compression testing and verifying no problems with oil consumption or cooling system issues, the gearbox condition was also checked at this time with no problems found. Removed from a rust damaged vehicle with 395,000km on the odometer, This engine was rebuilt at 371,000km, Valve cover has been freshly refinished in VHT Wrinkle Black, there is a crack in the valve cover as shown in photo 17.

Compression tested when at operating temperature and results are below;
Cylinder 1: 200psi
Cylinder 2: 200psi
Cylinder 3: 200psi
Cylinder 4: 200psi

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