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Honda DC5 Integra Type R K20A Redtop Engine & LSD Gearbox Conversion Package

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OEM factory complete K20A Redtop DOHC i-VTEC engine and gearbox conversion package, as removed from a 2006 year DC5 chassis Honda Integra Type R.

Engine conversion package is supplied complete as pictured with;
- Power steering pump
- Alternator
- Starter motor
- Engine wiring harness complete and undamaged
- Coil packs
- PLM Power Driven 4-2-1 header (damaged see photos)
- Skunk 2 Oil cap
- Skunk 2 Low profile valve cover hardware
- Skunk 2 Coil cover
- Clutch flywheel clutch slave cylinder and clutch fork
- Shifter box and cables
- NTS3 LSD 6 speed gearbox

Please NOTE: there is no ECU supplied with this engine package as most are going to use an aftermarket unit to get it running in a swapped vehicle. This was removed from a smart key type facelift DC5 we still have the ECU but no longer have the key or reader to match it.

Condition: Excellent runner with no problems or issues as compression numbers shown in photo 20 and video on auction detail. This engine was run up on our rolling road dyno to get some heat and load into it prior to compression testing and verifying no problems with oil consumption or cooling system issues. Removed from a crash damaged vehicle with 148,000km on the odometer, has been well looked after with regular oil changes as it has no staining and no carbon buildup under the oil cap as can be seen in photo 18.

Compression tested when at operating temperature and results are below;
Cylinder 1: 200psi
Cylinder 2: 205psi
Cylinder 3: 210psi
Cylinder 4: 205psi

Block # 3073706

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